Who We Serve

Our Clients

Individuals & Multigeneration Families

You have saved money and built some wealth. Our team serves as a sounding board during these complex conversations before and during retirement, helping you not just make any decision, but ensuring you’re making the right ones for you and your family.

Retirement Analysis

You want to know you’ll be able to enjoy a retirement without making a lifestyle change or worrying if you’ll have enough for surprises or additional desires. Our team reviews your retirement needs and other goals, then analyzes your income sources and manages portfolio withdrawals to balance daily comfort with long-term preservation.

Investment Management

We want to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build, but we also understand that it’s important to continue growing your assets in order to meet your family’s goals. Using an academic investment strategy that has withstood two major market crashes, we employ a disciplined approach to manage risk and tax considerations.

Legacy Planning

As Warren Buffett once said, you want to leave “enough money to your kids so they can do anything, but not enough so they can do nothing.” PRW works with you (along with your children, attorney, favorite charity, etc.) to build legacy plans that will empower your loved ones without becoming a burden or de-motivator.

Tax Management

Taxes likely will be your largest expense through retirement. Our investment discipline seeks to make tax-smart decisions, including optimal asset location strategies, Roth conversion, loss harvesting and tax managed funds when appropriate. We also work with your tax professional to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Business Owners & Executives

You’re enjoying a successful career and growing your net worth, though it may be mostly tied up in your business, stock options, pension plan or restricted stock. You may have started thinking about your exit plan, too. No matter what stage you’re in, our team helps you feel confident in your family’s financial security while you continue to build your business or career.

Business Transition Planning

You’ve built a business that has enduring value, and now it’s time for you to hand over the reigns (not to mention the 70-hour weeks). Working with your attorney and CPA, we can help make sense of your succession options and plan for the next exciting chapter of your life.

Retirement Options

Choosing the best retirement plan for your company depends on a number of factors. Do you want to maximize your contributions? How much would you like to contribute to your employees’ plans? How much contribution flexibility do you want each year? Together, we’ll explore and understand all the options.

Company Benefits Review

Are you making the most of your company benefits? Let’s review them and make sure you’re participating in the most advantageous programs. We also can develop a strategy around stock options, deferred compensation and pensions to help you build out more robust compensation packages that benefit both sides.

Investment Management

Whether you need a hand keeping an eye on your company’s assets, managing a concentrated position in company stock, or deciding what to do with low basis holdings, we can help. Using an investment discipline founded on academic principles that have stood the test of time, our team will help you protect what you have today while planning for tomorrow.